Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you dad, for paying for my AMA membership

Today was a day much like any other and I would have nothing to write about here, except for an unfortunate event that occurred.

Our evening began much like any other; Mike informed me over IM that he was now leaving and would soon be there to pick me up.  At about the time he would normally arrive, he called me to tell me his car battery was dead so I should take the bus.  Then about 5 minutes later he asked if I had caught the bus yet because he got a boost from someone.  I had not, so I waited for him to arrive.

Once he got there I got in and we began our journey home.  When we came to this semi-busy intersection we stopped at the red light... and the car stopped.  And it wouldn't start again.  Being right near by a Les Schwab he asked to see if they could give us a boost and they were kind enough to do so.

So we were on our way again, only we weren't because the light was red so we traveled about 10 meters and the car just stopped again.  We called AAA and spent the next hour -- trying to wave cars to go by us since the hazard lights wouldn't work even -- waiting for the tow truck to come.

The car was towed to the Toyota dealership for after hours drop-off repair (everyone seems to suspect it's the alternator) and our friend Clayton was kind enough to give us a ride home.  Hopefully the car will be working again after tomorrow,