Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Product Review: Mac & Cheese Crackers

On the weekends, Mike and I go grocery shopping. It is during these trips that we purchase food items to fill our sad empty fridge to being happy and full again. Sometimes, the store has product samples for you to try. If you have ever experienced grocery shopping, I'm sure you are familiar with the experience.

Such was the case this weekend. This friendly employee offered me a sample of Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers from her display along with a coupon for the product. "Hmm, Mac & Cheese Crackers, might be interesting," I thought. In my mind I figured that maybe they'd be something like the cheddar cheese Ritz crackers, or the Kashi TLC cheese crackers, which are pretty delicious. Now, I'm sure you've guess this by now, but I was wrong. I was horribly mistaken. While the initial taste was alright, kinda like a crappy Ritz cracker, they had the most disgusting, repulsive aftertaste I've experienced in a while. Blech.

They were gross enough to inspire me to write a post to warn you to be alert for attacks with Mac & Cheese Crackers. If you ever find yourself in my position of being offered a free sample, make sure you refuse.

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