Sunday, March 09, 2008

Post GDC and CareerDay!

Sorry for the lack of Updates.
I've been super super busy every since GDC ended.

GDC was pretty good. Got really good reception at the Career Pavilion as I handed out Resumes and what not. The sessions and lectures at GDC were pretty okay, but I didn't have too much time to see them cause of the volunteering.

What was really cool thou was that one of the CA's (Conference Associate, AKA Volunteer) brought his Japanese Wii and Brawl. And so hosted a large tournament for all the CAs. I ended up Winning :D
Videos and stuff - I'm Lee
Finals Video

So after GDC I was busy with followups, school, game and most importantly, my Nephew! Jack, Elaine and Desmond came to visit again for a few days it was a bunch of fun. We also celebrated my Sister's 29th Birthday by going out to Crabpot. They literally dump the food on the table :)

So after they let I've spent the last week preparing for CareerDay at Digipen. CareerDay is when companies are invited to come to Digipen to see student displays and setups. We had to setup a Trifold and put on information about us and our game. So we had some Screenshots, our BIOs and stuff like that. We also had resumes and business cards on hand. The Trifold was a bit of a pain. We got a $50 budget from the school for printing. So we printed nice colored screen shots and logos etc... But Kinkos was being a pain, well rather hte people their werent that nice. I had to make several trips to get proofs, redo some pictures etc... Biggest annoyance is that they only want PDF files, else they charge $2.50 per file to convert... blah

Anyway CareerDay was nuts. Started at 11am and ended at 6pm. It was non-stop talking with people. Got more business cards and people took in our resumes. I had a short 20 minute 1v1 (well 2v1) interview with ArenaNet. Also my team is scheduled to present to Amaze Entertainment on Tuesday at their offices.

Last Thursday I also received another notification about interviewing with MS again and on Friday I received a programmers test from Bungie. So much stuff happening!

Oh and Smash Bros Brawl was officially released and I wish I had time to play it ><

- Mike Out
PS: Sooo Busy (and Stressed)

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