Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digipen Week 5 and 6

Busy times to be had
GDC is next week so we've been gearing up for that. I should have a alpha version of my game to share with everyone next week so stay tuned! Its changed quite a bit especially with all the new art we got in (our artists are so awesome)

As sorta mentioned last post, I didn't get a job offer from MS. All the same since I totally blew it, I wouldn't have hired me.

Nicole's been working, I've been busy with school and GDC prep stuff. GOt new business cards made, checked out what companies will be there and making code samples and resumes etc..

Haven't been playing too many games. The odd WoW raid and Rockband here and there. Mostly I'm just waiting for Brawl. Well theres more to add about in regards to RockBand. Greg actually gave me $20 to buy some new songs off Xbox live. He figures since he plays it so much at Parties (and I usually just leave RockBand at there place since they're still partying and I'm too tired). Like at the last party he said he didn't sleep till about 6:30am o_o. I left around 1ish...

Anyway, GDC GDC GDC GDC GDC ahoy!
- Mike out

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