Saturday, January 26, 2008

Restaurant Review: Inchin's Bamboo Garden

One line summary: OMG, my mouth is burning!

So yesterday we went out to Inchin's Bamboo Garden because one of Mike's classmates got a job and will be moving away from Seattle shortly. Looking at the menu it seems to be sort of Chinese cuisine maybe szechuan or hunan style given how most items were described with containing chili peppers or being spicy.

So their menu has spicy ratings. Dishes with one pepper were spicy, dishes labeled with two were supposed to be very spicy. "Ok" I thought to myself, "I better stick to something that doesn't have any peppers beside it." I ordered the vegetable lettuce wraps. The description read "Chopped vegetables in a black bean sauce with ice cold lettuce."

Oh boy was it ever a good thing I didn't try to be daring with a spicy item. I took a couple bites of this, and then my mouth was burning! My nose was running, my eyes were tearing. It hurt! There must've been chili peppers in that lettuce wrap stuffing (ok, I guess chili peppers are a vegetable too). This wasn't a short spike of heat like wasabi, it was a long lingering pain. Took me like 15 minutes to recover.

It turns out pretty much every dish there was full of chili peppers and red pepper flakes. So if you're like me and don't have a tolerance for hot foods, this restaurant is NOT the place for you. (Some other people in our party like the food and the heat, but it left me in tears)

I guess the only other thing of note is that you can only split the bill 5-ways, so if you have a large party like we did payment because somewhat of a complicated operation.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring 2008: Week 1 and 2

A bit late on the week2 update!

Week1 was uneventful, week 2 was awesome.

Got my xbox360, and lots and lots of RockBand! Had to mods the drums (Foam over the drum heads) so they don't make as much noise. Don't want to upset the neighbors (and my ear drums). Rock Band parties last a bit far too long and I suck at singing.

School wise something cool happened. We actually got 4 Artists to work on our game. FOUR, considering its only four programmers. Suresh started panicking a bit since we now need to build tools or have some sort of system for them to get there art in. Hopefully we'll be able to get all there assets in to show off our game.

In workish related news, Nicole has now managed to get a Job at MS (Thru volt) She officially starts on Monday.
As for me, I got contacted by MS (again) and I have in-person interviews coming up. The positioning a Software Developer Engineer (SDE) in games. More news on this as it develops.

Thats all for now.

- Mike

Thursday, January 10, 2008

And We're Back!

Home again to MS Land

Nicole and I returned to Redmond after a three week holiday in Calgary. I think I gained about 4-5lbs from the trip with all the food and yummy stuff. Lots of stuff happening, constantly busy. So to summarize my trip I shall do it in an awards type thing

Most Missed
Desmond, that pudgie booger. I hope he starts moving soon, he could use the work out! Runner up is not having to do school work... but technically I was suppose to do some school work but never did

Most Not Missed
Living with my parents and not having a car or usable phone. Its a PITA but what else are you gonna do when visiting?

Most Bizarre
Ordering Internet for my parents for 1 month. Shaw was also doing a Holiday Promo, Free Modem and Free first month. Ahahaha, but yeah I need my internet ><. Runner up is after emptying a Large Suitcase for gifts and items for other people (Extra GH3 Ebayed) that we returned with full suit cases still. Most of it was Christmas Chocolate

Most Game Played
I honestly though I'd get some more time to finish up Mario Galaxy. However that is not that case, I spent nearly ALL my gaming time playing Guitar Hero 3. Thanks for lending me the extra Guitar Jack! All parties were GH, GH and more GH even though I had 4 Wii remotes for other Wii goodness

Best Non Video Game Game
Played a few rounds of poker with the Uncles on Christmas and New Years Eve. Won 2 games, made some coin. Good times. Playing my uncles is a bit tedious but winning is still sweet.

Best Cute
This Award goes to Desmond for his Cuteness. I mean just look at him! (BTW, Jack upload more pictures kk thx) Elaine and Jack gave out a Christmas Card with a picture of Desmond in the front in his Santa Suit all smiling in front of a Christmas Tree. Unfortunately I don't have a digital version to share with you all

Most Unexpected
Going to 2 Flames games (Thanks Uncle Fred!) and watching the Flames win. A close game against Anaheim and NY Rangers. Nicole's first Hockey game too. Flames games are just awesome to watch live.

Best Food Experience
Has to be Christmas Day Dinner x2 with dessert x2. Dinner number one at Nicole's Grandparents (with more GH played) finished with a Cinnamon roll made by Nicole. Followed by Prime Rib at Uncle Freds with Mango desserts (Cake and Pudding!) This is like a Christmas Tradition and nothing beats it out.

Favorite Movie
Sweeney Todd was the best movie I saw over the break, Johnney Depp, Lots of Blood, and a Musical. By Tim Burtons and highly entertaining. I also saw Juno (very Enjoyable), Enchanted (More Enjoyable then I expected) and I am Legend (Started off Good then went meh).

Best Tangible Christmas Present
GPS from Elaine, Jack and Desmond. Now I hopefully won't get lost as much in Seattle >.> Runner up is this nice Shirt from Elaine (Banana Republic of course) I'm a designer snob thanks to her. Just gotta have nicer clothes now

Best Non-Tangible Christmas Present
Winner is an Xbox360 from Nicole, which I havent gotten yet >< Looking for an 360 elite but they are sold out everywhere... Runner up has to 2 Movie Gift certs from relatives (They don't work in the USA, had to use them quick!)

Best Use of Christmas Money
ROCK BAND! I bought RockBand for the 360 earlier in the week (Yes I don't own a system yet). So until that system comes in I've been playing it at a friends. It's so awesome.. I want my Xbox now >< For those that are not familiar, its made by the team that made Guitar Hero 1 and 2 (3 is a different company) and has Drums, Singing, Guitar and Bass instruments.