Thursday, December 06, 2007

Digipen Week 13 and a half

Oops, Late Post!
Last week of classes so STRESS++; Actually more like while(1){STRESS++;} for you programming literate people.

First Playable submitted, I hope to have some sort of executable I can distribute in the next week or so. Group member is suppose to put it somewhere. We got shooting moving, particles, levels. All of which need polish and more stuff but it works.

Had an Inverse Kinematics assignment due last week, its cool and funny. My guy was a pseudo gumbi!. Scored over 100, I put waaay to much time in to it when I should've started my big big final project (which I've barely touched even now). But its due during Finals week (Yay no finals for me!)

My other stuff that is due is a physics simulation of a cube made of springs! Kinda like a Jello Simulation. Hilarious and amusing. I wanted to tweak and add more to it cause its fun but I dont have time and I dont need the extra grade points from that class (I'm over 100 going in to the final assignment, I could get a 60 and still score a A).

So gaming and stuff.
We had a Nintendo store trip, I went to town. But not all of it was for me! Actually alot of it wasn't, its my One Stop Shop for Christmas Presents!

I picked up The new Wii Zapper (Comes with Links CrossBow Training) along with Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles. The zapper itself sorta sucks, but the games are totally fun even if you play them StarTrek Phazor style with the Wii motes. I picked up Ghost Squad (at the store) today as another zapper game. Going to be alot of Fun During the Christmas Break!

Oh right speaking of that. Nicole and I have secured our flight details.
We're coming back on Saturday December 15 and staying until January 6th. Thats 3 weeks in Calgary. It'll be a good break, I've been grinding at school for the last month++; and its been a long and grueling path, but its almost over. Actually after this semester I only have 3 classes left.. gotta start that job search ><

- Mike Out

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