Monday, November 12, 2007

Digipen Week 9 and 10

oops forgot about week 9
Was having too much fun since my precious returned to me! >.>

Seriously, I've just been really busy. School, Nicole and Baby coming down next week! I've been working my ass off trying to "get ahead" of some classes so that when people started coming down I'd have time to spend with them...

... Unfortunately that hasn't worked out so well and yeah, busy busy
My Sister, her Husband and Baby Desmond came in to town yesterday morning. Desmond is sooo cute (and chubby). 21lbs at 6 months, yikes! Cute baby, crying at 4am not so cute.

I picked up Super Mario Galaxy last Wednesday from the good ol' Nintendo corporate store. Its pretty fun, I really like the whole spherical platforms thing and how the missions / levels are laid out. Wish I had more time to sink in to it. The coop feature is really neat, gives Nicole something to do while I play :D

As for my Game; progression has come to a near stand still as I gotta work out some kinks in my group :/ I don't look forward to it but thats my job as the PM
*sigh* * cry* *sniffle*

So this week I gotta complete a hour and a half presentation on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (crap I nearly wrote DPS there). Presentation is next week but I gotta submit the presentation for review this week. My presentation is gonna put people to sleep! Oh well, not like I've been awake for all the other presentations thus far ><

Alright, enough ranting for now
- Mike out

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