Monday, November 19, 2007

Digipen Week 11

Ahoy hoy

This week had Elaine, Jack and Desmond come for a visit. All squished in to my tiny little condo.

So lets outline everything we did!

They arrived bright and early and we just take the night nice and simple. We had the worst Sushi take out experience. We get to the Suishi place across the street and it seems pretty packed. So instead we decide to do take out. We make our order and we think that it should be pretty fast since all the sushi is on a conveyor belt. We were so wrong... 25 minutes later we get half our order uhh.... another 15 minutes for them to correct it and yeah... /facepalm.

Veterans day! aka Holiday! aka Shop till we drop day!
We hit the Seattle Premium Outlets nice and early, and well we weren't the only ones. The place is fairly packed but we manage sorta... Stroller + rain + packed stores == bad. The good news is that the rain cover thing on the stroller dampens baby crying pretty good >.>
I got my self some new shoes. Desmond got 3 pairs of Puma shoes! Elaine went nuts and bought who knows how much stuff. Our trip was like 8 hours or so before we headed back home.

Now after the outlets we headed to Alvin's for Dinner. This month is Dine in Seattle so a bunch of fine dinning establishments have a special going on, for $30 bucks you get an appetizer, main entree and dessert. We went to the 3rd floor fish cafe. So yummy, but a bit expensive >.> I mean if I had money to burn it would've been great but well whatever, it was good. I had a good time with everyone so I'll just leave it as a good memory :)

The day started with school and ended with Guitar Hero 3! Jack (and well Elaine Technically) got me a copy for my birthday. Jack got himself a copy as well as we rocked out! So fun. Alvin came over for dinner, which was just a combination of takeout of Sushi and Panda Express

So I got sick, Elaine too. Just had a night in to play GH3 and watch some TV. Pizza for dinner from Papa Johns.

My Birthday! Weeeeeee.
We decided to go to dinner at 5:30 at the Cheese Cake Factory. Apparently traffic decided to take a HUGE crappier and it took us an hour to get to the Restaurant when it should normally take 20 tops. Well dinner itself was good, good company. Some friends from school in addition to the visitors :)
Jack bought me some drinks and then after dinner my friends and I went to a bar. They bought me drinks and well thats pretty much it for me. I don't handle my Alcohol very well and yeah... I think you can put 1+1 together :)

I was sick some more, Nicole getting sick too :(
Had Dinner at Alvins. Really good fish, chicken and scallops. Good stuff.

Dim Sum with Alvin. It was good, I haven't had DimSum in a while which made it better. Sometimes you have cravings and don't even realize it! Well it hit the spot. Elaine and Jack bought so much stuff that it was actually difficult loading it all back in my Car for there flight out. At the airport there big bag was over the 50lb limit so they had to take out a blanket which I'll be returning to them next month when we go up to visit.

Summary of all things of the week
Desmond is sooo cute (and fat) and a pooper. During the trip Jack thought of an idea of a "blow out buddy" to help prevent certain craptastic incidents. Desmond is LOUD, and he cries at all sorts of hours in the night. He also goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7am so my sleeping schedule had to be adjusted.
Desmond also gets "mezmorized" while watching us play Guitar Hero. I find it so amusing.

And now I shall leave you with some pictures :)

- Mike Out

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