Monday, October 01, 2007

Week4 Fall 07

Lots of stuff this week!

School wise
- 1 Presentation on the Games Industry
- 1 Paper on Software Engineering in Games (which got pushed until Monday)
- Game Design Doc Submission
- Project Proposal for a Rendered scene using advanced graphics algorithms

- Heroes Seasons 2!
- Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
- Interview at MS
- Ramen Noodles for nearly a week straight

Yeah I'm an engineer and love them lists...
Hopefully my eating habits will be better this week even though it'll still be fairly busy. Gotta work on the Technical Design Document for the game (I'll be doing less on that then the GDD) and gotta get my Physics system up to speed on game as well.

Gotta get a good push in to my animation assignment, which is animating through code, a directX model. School is all about the busy busy...

Yeah so that interview point was pretty sudden. Alvin (friend who works at MS, who I met thru Jack my brother in law) decided to mail off my resume to a bunch of job postings internal to MS cause there referral program hadn't done a thing with my resume. I got an email Wednesday night from this guy and we ended up having a impromptu face to face meeting on Friday. I like to call it the best interview for a job I'll won't be getting. Generally I fit alot with what he was looking for, except he wanted to a hire the someone last month full time. I don't really meet that critical requirement...

This week is the start of the NHL regular season, I get 2 Flames games on CBC yay!

- Mike

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