Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 6 - Animation FTL

Alright so another hectic and crazy for me, mostly due to school of course.

So school stuff... We had our animation assignment due. Lots of guys were rushing to get things done before the deadline, I had started early but I think I probably spent more time then everyone else on the stupid assignment. I kept getting stuck in places, spending hours to figure out what to do and when others got there I'd tell them how to get over the hurdle. Oh well, that is life and helping people is good. The amount of time spent on that assignment was ridiculous and I hope the next assignments are easier.. well less time consuming anyway. Hard is fine, time sinks are not.

Finally had some time at the end of the week to get back working on the game. Feels alot better to be working on GAM then anything else really. We now have a moving character that spins around and shoots! The shooting can also destroy some crappy boxes we have in place. Weeee!!

On Monday I had a phone interview with MS. It was there generic screening call so no big deal there. Unfortunately my Cable died that afternoon and was down the whole day. MS normally likes to use Live Meeting, a internet white board for there interviews. Much easier for coding questions and the like. Because my net was down I had to program over the phone, that sucked but whatever. I did fine. I got an email on Thursday saying I was in there database and they were sizing me up for a couple positions. Its wait and see now :)

Many good things for me in the gaming world, well not all good but big news
1) Portal launched, its a First Person Puzzle game for Half-Life 2. It was created by a team of former DigiPen students who now work at Valve. My game last year, OmniFall, was loosely based on there idea of making a first person puzzle game. Portal is a great game. Its only 4 hours long in the main story mode but offers a challenges and some advance maps if you wanna do more. Great game. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

2) The next thing was Sonic The Hedgehog confirmed for Smash Brothers Brawl! woot. Not really too shocked that hes in the game, but the official announcement was cool. I watched the trailer like 10 times >.>

3) The next announcement was Smash is being delayed until Feb 10th :(

In non game related news, Suresh and his Roommates held another party. Lots of people, lots of fun. A couple guys who worked on Portal were there... I couldn't praise them enough about it. Prior to the party there was a dinner for a smaller group of people, when I arrived they had just bought some more furniture and we spent some time assembling it all lol.

Lastly, Flames won 2 road games! Thats crazy considering the teams they played against. Also 7-4 victory... 7 goals from the flames? thats unheard of... Good times

Alright, back to school work >.>
- Mike Out

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