Monday, October 22, 2007

Digipen week 7

Well that last week was a blurr... and not in a good way >.>

I feel so lost when I go to school right now, so much to do and I never seem to beable to reduce the amount of stuff I have to do :/
I will survive! or something like that but its just a grind at the moment. On the upside our game is progressing and we have cool things happening. Well not really I mean we got a character that can move around, shoot, walls, enemy turrets and some particles. Some crappy destroyable boxes and yeah...

None school related news... I got to play Smash Brothers Brawl!!!
Its a game I've been anticipating for waaay too long and I got a chance to play a demo 4 months before the games release. It was fun, it was epic, I want more! I was originally thinking about writing up some sort of review / synopsis of my impressions of the demo but I decided against it. I'm a huge fanboy but not that huge (okay okay I'm just lazy) also its just a demo. The game (unfortunately) is still 4 months away.

Two weeks go to,
- Mike Out

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