Monday, October 29, 2007

Digipen Fall '07 - Week 8

Not too much happening this past week.

I got sick on Wednesday or so but not bed struck sick. Started feeling better on Saturday and I seem all the better right now. A bit tired but I think thats par for the course.

It's gotten colder out here, the sun is starting to become rare. Things are wet but not always raining. I should turn on the heat some time but a sweater and a computer keep me warm at night :)

Life is a grind, so School is a grind and thats the way things continue.
Well on Saturday and Sunday I was so anti school work I just cleaned my place up. I did such a thorough job things seem a bit weird... Well thats a good thing for Nicole's return and my relatives who are showing up in two weeks. The main bathroom was pretty gross but now you can't tell!

And thats all the value I've managed to ring out for this post
- Mike Out (1 week to go!)

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