Monday, October 08, 2007

Digipen Fall 07 Week 5

Anyone out there?

Well if not, I'll just use this as my own personal diary type thing, remember whats happening, something to look back on or something something..

So last week was more school work, but sorta... Had like a "big" meeting with my Game team and we we're trying to get organized and stuff, but I don't know how well it'll work. I'm starting to see a real (s)lack of participation from one of my group mates. It's too early to really say anything but the outlook isnt so promising.

Got to watch 2 Flames games on CBC! Too bad the Flames lost them both :( Lossing with 4.3 seconds to go in OT really sucks :/

As for school I'm treading along this Animation assignment we have. Its taking an animation / model file (.x) which is read by DirectX and it does its thing. However we have to manually read the file and play the animations using good ol 3D math. We're arn't allowed to just have DirectX play it for us. I'm moving along fairly well in my assignment, but my class mates arnt...
I forsee me getting swamped with questions and requests for help *sigh*

I finished up Zelda:Phantom Hourglass and I'd have to say its an awesome game. Touch screen controls took a bit to get use to, but after that I was hooked and just couldn't let the game go. So much fun :)

Anyway, I've been keeping these updates semi regularly and I hope it continues. Next month Nicole returns yay! and Elaine, Jack and Desmond (my baby nephew) are coming to visit. So its gonna be crowded in my little place.

Bye for now
- Mike Out

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