Monday, October 29, 2007

Digipen Fall '07 - Week 8

Not too much happening this past week.

I got sick on Wednesday or so but not bed struck sick. Started feeling better on Saturday and I seem all the better right now. A bit tired but I think thats par for the course.

It's gotten colder out here, the sun is starting to become rare. Things are wet but not always raining. I should turn on the heat some time but a sweater and a computer keep me warm at night :)

Life is a grind, so School is a grind and thats the way things continue.
Well on Saturday and Sunday I was so anti school work I just cleaned my place up. I did such a thorough job things seem a bit weird... Well thats a good thing for Nicole's return and my relatives who are showing up in two weeks. The main bathroom was pretty gross but now you can't tell!

And thats all the value I've managed to ring out for this post
- Mike Out (1 week to go!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Digipen week 7

Well that last week was a blurr... and not in a good way >.>

I feel so lost when I go to school right now, so much to do and I never seem to beable to reduce the amount of stuff I have to do :/
I will survive! or something like that but its just a grind at the moment. On the upside our game is progressing and we have cool things happening. Well not really I mean we got a character that can move around, shoot, walls, enemy turrets and some particles. Some crappy destroyable boxes and yeah...

None school related news... I got to play Smash Brothers Brawl!!!
Its a game I've been anticipating for waaay too long and I got a chance to play a demo 4 months before the games release. It was fun, it was epic, I want more! I was originally thinking about writing up some sort of review / synopsis of my impressions of the demo but I decided against it. I'm a huge fanboy but not that huge (okay okay I'm just lazy) also its just a demo. The game (unfortunately) is still 4 months away.

Two weeks go to,
- Mike Out

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's on TV tonight?

Due to the lack of anything exciting happening, I thought I'd share what TV shows I am following (or was following since the season is over now).
  • Blood Ties
  • Chuck
  • Doctor Who
  • Heroes
  • Kyle XY
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Smallville
  • Torchwood

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 6 - Animation FTL

Alright so another hectic and crazy for me, mostly due to school of course.

So school stuff... We had our animation assignment due. Lots of guys were rushing to get things done before the deadline, I had started early but I think I probably spent more time then everyone else on the stupid assignment. I kept getting stuck in places, spending hours to figure out what to do and when others got there I'd tell them how to get over the hurdle. Oh well, that is life and helping people is good. The amount of time spent on that assignment was ridiculous and I hope the next assignments are easier.. well less time consuming anyway. Hard is fine, time sinks are not.

Finally had some time at the end of the week to get back working on the game. Feels alot better to be working on GAM then anything else really. We now have a moving character that spins around and shoots! The shooting can also destroy some crappy boxes we have in place. Weeee!!

On Monday I had a phone interview with MS. It was there generic screening call so no big deal there. Unfortunately my Cable died that afternoon and was down the whole day. MS normally likes to use Live Meeting, a internet white board for there interviews. Much easier for coding questions and the like. Because my net was down I had to program over the phone, that sucked but whatever. I did fine. I got an email on Thursday saying I was in there database and they were sizing me up for a couple positions. Its wait and see now :)

Many good things for me in the gaming world, well not all good but big news
1) Portal launched, its a First Person Puzzle game for Half-Life 2. It was created by a team of former DigiPen students who now work at Valve. My game last year, OmniFall, was loosely based on there idea of making a first person puzzle game. Portal is a great game. Its only 4 hours long in the main story mode but offers a challenges and some advance maps if you wanna do more. Great game. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

2) The next thing was Sonic The Hedgehog confirmed for Smash Brothers Brawl! woot. Not really too shocked that hes in the game, but the official announcement was cool. I watched the trailer like 10 times >.>

3) The next announcement was Smash is being delayed until Feb 10th :(

In non game related news, Suresh and his Roommates held another party. Lots of people, lots of fun. A couple guys who worked on Portal were there... I couldn't praise them enough about it. Prior to the party there was a dinner for a smaller group of people, when I arrived they had just bought some more furniture and we spent some time assembling it all lol.

Lastly, Flames won 2 road games! Thats crazy considering the teams they played against. Also 7-4 victory... 7 goals from the flames? thats unheard of... Good times

Alright, back to school work >.>
- Mike Out

Monday, October 08, 2007

Digipen Fall 07 Week 5

Anyone out there?

Well if not, I'll just use this as my own personal diary type thing, remember whats happening, something to look back on or something something..

So last week was more school work, but sorta... Had like a "big" meeting with my Game team and we we're trying to get organized and stuff, but I don't know how well it'll work. I'm starting to see a real (s)lack of participation from one of my group mates. It's too early to really say anything but the outlook isnt so promising.

Got to watch 2 Flames games on CBC! Too bad the Flames lost them both :( Lossing with 4.3 seconds to go in OT really sucks :/

As for school I'm treading along this Animation assignment we have. Its taking an animation / model file (.x) which is read by DirectX and it does its thing. However we have to manually read the file and play the animations using good ol 3D math. We're arn't allowed to just have DirectX play it for us. I'm moving along fairly well in my assignment, but my class mates arnt...
I forsee me getting swamped with questions and requests for help *sigh*

I finished up Zelda:Phantom Hourglass and I'd have to say its an awesome game. Touch screen controls took a bit to get use to, but after that I was hooked and just couldn't let the game go. So much fun :)

Anyway, I've been keeping these updates semi regularly and I hope it continues. Next month Nicole returns yay! and Elaine, Jack and Desmond (my baby nephew) are coming to visit. So its gonna be crowded in my little place.

Bye for now
- Mike Out

Monday, October 01, 2007

Week4 Fall 07

Lots of stuff this week!

School wise
- 1 Presentation on the Games Industry
- 1 Paper on Software Engineering in Games (which got pushed until Monday)
- Game Design Doc Submission
- Project Proposal for a Rendered scene using advanced graphics algorithms

- Heroes Seasons 2!
- Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
- Interview at MS
- Ramen Noodles for nearly a week straight

Yeah I'm an engineer and love them lists...
Hopefully my eating habits will be better this week even though it'll still be fairly busy. Gotta work on the Technical Design Document for the game (I'll be doing less on that then the GDD) and gotta get my Physics system up to speed on game as well.

Gotta get a good push in to my animation assignment, which is animating through code, a directX model. School is all about the busy busy...

Yeah so that interview point was pretty sudden. Alvin (friend who works at MS, who I met thru Jack my brother in law) decided to mail off my resume to a bunch of job postings internal to MS cause there referral program hadn't done a thing with my resume. I got an email Wednesday night from this guy and we ended up having a impromptu face to face meeting on Friday. I like to call it the best interview for a job I'll won't be getting. Generally I fit alot with what he was looking for, except he wanted to a hire the someone last month full time. I don't really meet that critical requirement...

This week is the start of the NHL regular season, I get 2 Flames games on CBC yay!

- Mike