Saturday, September 22, 2007

Better Late then Never! DigiPen week 3 Fall 2007

*Begs for Forgiveness*

Okay, so my last real post was waaay back at the beginning of summer and I never did follow up on GDC >.>

Heres the quick recap...
- GDC was awesome,
- Summer was great.
- My new Nephew, Desmond Ho, is the biggest baby I've seen, but he sure is cute!
- I went to PAX and my friend Ricky came down to visit. Placed top 16 in the (unorganized) smash tournament of 256.
- Schools started in high gear. Looking to be brutal
- I'm in a new team of 4 with Derek, Suresh and Clayton. We're making a overhead shooter using XNA and the Xbox 360 controller. Similar style to Smash TV with some Stop and Pop action from Gears of War.

So summer was fairly busy and trying to be keen I started working on this year's game project near the beginning of August. Nicole's still in Calgary so having to fend for myself is ummm different (I miss her sooo much). DigiPen announced that they are now offering a Course Based Master's Program. It was sorta expected, but people have already invested alot of time in to Thesis (I only invested a few weeks in the summer). I'm currently just doing research which can be used as credit in either direction. We'll see how that goes.

Next week I have like 4 assignments due.. 1 Presentation, 1 Report a project proposal and a game design document (which is mostly done since my team worked on it during the summer). What fun!

Gaming has been par for the course as far as I'm concerned. Metroid Prime 3 is the best Wii shooter ever. Controls are top notch and I was hooked and burned through that title pretty fast >.> Zelda: Phantom hourglass (DS) comes out Oct1, and TF2 was recently released so those are my next games to play. Mario Galaxy comes out just before my Birthday and Smash Bros Brawl at the beginning of December.

All these games and theres still far more I want to play on the xbox360... Great time to be a gamer, terrible time to be a student gamer >.<

With school back and me on a set schedule I'll hopefully beable to update this with a weekly frequency.

- Mike Out