Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishy! <><

Today we went to the Seattle Aquarium. After driving around and around, we found parking in some expensive parkade on the 9th floor. Here's the view from over by the elevators.

So a short walk from here was the aquarium, and I have some blurry/dark pictures to share from the trip. The aquarium started out with various marine mammals such as otters & seals; unfortunately I couldn't get very good pictures of any of them through the glass. We watched this video on killer whales that was absolutely terrible. The narrator sounded completely bored out of his mind!

Next there was this room that was sort of like an underwater cave where there were fish all around.

There were these tanks with these little tiny tiny sharks and tiny tiny skates. They were soooo cool, but the tanks were too dark so I couldn't get any pictures that even remotely turned out.

This was the ceiling on the way to an explanation about salmon hatcheries.

Here is everything you wanted to know about hatchery spawning techniques...

So there were some sea birds afterwards, but they're kinda boring and I didn't get any pictures of them. Moving on to the next building there were some weird freaky looking fish.

In conclusion, jellyfish are cool.

There was an area where you could touch some starfish, but I was too chicken to try that out.

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