Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm alive, dont worry!

Hey everyone (is anyone out there still?)

School's super busy right now so I dont have time to formulate my GDC experience. We'll just say it was awesome awesome and I'll post more later!

My games also super awesome but only 4 weeks left before its due >.>

- Mike

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GDC - Off to San Francisco!

Alright so heres the first post of a few regarding my advetures at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). GDC is exactly what it sounds like, generally a whole lot of sessions / tutorials about all things related to game development. Ranging for basic game design philosophy to the newest advancements in hardware and software.

So heres my situation, back in November GDC was open to volenteer spots. Many of us (Digipen Master's students) dropped in an application to be a CA (Conference Assistant). When all was said and done, 6 of the 8 people that applied for volenteer positions got them, me NOT being one of them :(

So theres 10 of us going to GDC, we decided to cut costs and drive down. 10 people, 2 cars... oh boy... Fortunetly one of the drivers (well guy donating a car) ended up borrowing his parents mini van. So for those of us in the mini van, it wasnt as bad :)

We left Saturday evening at 10pm to drive all night and arrive in San Francisco sunday afternoon. CA's had an orientation on sunday that they was required for them to attend. The drive itself was (fortunetly) pretty boring with nothing really note worthy. There was alot of fog, but we were driving in the night near the coast some what so that was expected.

We arrive in San Francisco around noon sunday in to our cheapy hotel. The original plan was to stick 5 people per room... which was a bit ridiculous to begin with, but all in the name to save on cost.. However that (fortunetly) didnt last and we ended up sharing rooms 2 per. Well that turned out to be a really good thing as the rooms were tiny as hell, extremtly minimalist. We stayed at the Bridgebay Inn and for the cost we couldnt really complain. Turned out to be like $70 a night per room, so $35 per person each night which is really damn cheap. The place wasnt really dirty either, just small rooms in a shadeir bit of town.

So back to my story, on Sunday we checked in and started wondering around the city. First we found Miscone center, where the conference was being held which was only 3 or 4 blocks away. Just 2 blocks away from our hotel and things got less shady a bit weird really :)

We wondered around union square and got some food then headed back to the hotel. The CA meeting was at 6pm so most people decided to take naps and such... considering we drove through the night it wasnt so surprising a move. Strangly I didnt nap, even though I only slept 1 hour during the whole car ride (and it wasnt when I was driving :P)

So 5:30 rolls around and the CA's start heading to Miscone. I decide to join them since I had nothing better to do. The other three guys were still sleeping. One of my intentions of joining was really to try to snag a CA spot some how, another was to grab some free food since the orientation included dinner :D

So I get there and start asking around to who I could talk to about getting a CA position. I meet the head of the CA thing, Ian, and introduced myself... basically my 30 second speech that I would later do in GDC's career pavillion. He tells me that I should stick around for the orientation and come to the CA meeting room tomorrow morning when people check in to see if any openings become available. He also tells me not to eat since food was only allocated to CA's :(

So I stick around and watch people eat (*cry*) and my buddies even offer me food or tell me to get food anyway. I decide to avoid that incase Ian saw me wandering around and pwn any chances I had of getting to be a CA. While after a bit Ian does a quick check around the room to see how many non-CA's were present, there was 4 of us and we were now allowed to eat. Just to note there was approximatly 350 CA's at this years GDC.

The orientation followed the food and it was boring as hell, alot of being common sense really... being nice, ask the next people in the chain of command for help when your in trouble, show up on time, doing a head count means that, putting "FULL" is use less. Greet the speaker and remind them of things like to turn off cell phones and give them time indication if they are running a bit long... blah blah. It was boring and two of the guys admitted to dozing off during the orientation / presentaion (not that I blame them since the whole power drive thing on top of it).

Next post will be on day 1 of GDC, I hope to get this all written down before I forget!

Stay tuned
- Mike

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Digipen Week 7

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to GDC I go.

More school, more deadlines, blah blah, but now its spring break!
Digipen's annual spring break deliberatly coincides with GDC (Game Developers Conference). A bunch of us are heading down via road trip!

In foresight, its gonna suck ass, 5 people per car and per hotel room >.>
We're all so cheap...
I only bought an expo pass since I just wanted to see how things are, next year I'll likely get a more expensive pass to let me in to more of the seminars and stuff.

I'll hopefully have an exciting post next week, so stay tuned

- Mike out