Sunday, February 18, 2007

Digipen Week5 and 6

Hello hello

Not much happened last last week so didnt really bother making a blog post. But a couple things happened this week so heres the post!

First off, I got sick :(
Really bad sore throat, cold thing. Generally I sounded more terrible then I actually was. This started on Tuesday and has continued on till today. I was at my worse on wednesday / thursday so I am getting better now. Thus far Nicole has managed to avoid it.

On friday was Digipen's annual Career day. A bunch of companies come to the school, give brief presentations and then go look at student displays. The student displays are from those that are graduating this year so nothing from me. It was just people showcasing there games.

It was pretty neat. The presentations themselves ranged from neat to meh, with each company emphasising to put down your from Digipen on any applications you fill out. Digipen does have a strong reputation so it would be good to put that down. Some companies had a full blown presentation with power point and videos. A couple others just had some representative say a few things and answer questions.

In other news, my game progress has been slow as of late. I blame it on my sickness, of course I would. I managed to get in the gravity gun, which is really neat. I can pick up and toss things around from afar :D

And lastly, Happy Chinese New Year! - Year of the Pig (Which is me!)

- Mike out

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