Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Digipen Week4

Hello everyone

Lets see here... School is totally flooring me now :(
Physics is confusing and Numerical analysis makes absolutly no sense. Stress levels rising and we just finished the first month! Yeah I've been a bit of a grouch because of this but oh well...

As for my game, its looking pretty good. We managed to put in a basic menu system and lots and lots of particles. We can even tie the particles to any object in the game, so we have particles spewing everywhere. It looks pretty spiffy.

In other news, picked up a HD antannae. Lost and Hero's look awesome :D No HD hockey thou :(
Speaking of Hockey, I went to a minor (WHL) game last saturday. It was a pretty good game. Close all the way until the open net goal by the visiting team. What made it funny was that the two teams, Seattle and Portland are at the bottom of the standings, but that really doesnt matter.

I went with some of the other Master's students (the real master's students, not my pre-masters crap). They were going since it was someones B-day and hes a major Hockey Fan of the NYR.

That about does it for this posting
- Mike Out

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