Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digipen Week 2 + 3

Gah I forgot to update

This fact has nothing to do with the World of Warcraft:Burning Crusade coming out >.>

In school news, the semester has picked up fairly quickly. I'm taking some weird Numerical analysis of fluid dynamics course... Had to take a math course and all the other Master's students thought it would be decent compared to the rest... turns out its just bloody confusing.

Physics is alright, mostly just a "in-depth" review of newtonian physics for now.

Advance graphics is just more of last year, well new stuff but same teach same pacing so nothing new there.

As for me magical game that I'm suppose to create, its coming along fairly well. I think i've nailed down the physics engine as much as I'd like. Now its time to program in the fun game content stuff... like gravity beems, and bizzaro level designs.

Right now we have particle effects (really neat) , sound, basic menus and some other back end stuff that I won't bore you with. But its coming together very well.

Non digipen related, umm...... things are fine. Oh Nicole had a phone interview with Microsoft but I'll just leave it at that.

- Mike Out
PS: Go Flames, reunited with Conroy

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bowl x Gravity + toe = pain

This equation brought to you by household accidents 101.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Digipen Spring 2007 - Week 0.5

We're back and schools started again!.... sorta...

It snowed (again) Wednesday night so I had no classes on Thursday and Friday.
One is a holiday in the states (Martin Luther King Day) so no classes on Monday too. Five day week for me, woo!.

I must say its fairly ridiculous how the City just shuts down when it snows but that’s all there is to it. Its been snowing consistently each night, so maybe threes not gonna be school on Tuesday too, who knows.

As for life in Seattle, not much to report. Nicole and I had planned on going to the Science center to go see the Dead Sea Scroll's exhibit, but there were all sold out *cry*. So ever since our return home, we've just been lazing around. We went to the outlet and checked out another mall but nothing notable happened there.

Trip back home was great, but also very very hectic. Not enough time to relax and hang out with everyone which was a shame :( I will note that my sister is very very pregnant.

- Mike out