Thursday, December 13, 2007

Digipen Fall 2007 - END!

I'm Still Alive!

Horray I'm done for the year! Well sort of but mostly :)
The last week and a half has been brutal. Game First playable submission, 2 projects, and 2 reports. I still have to compile my thesis survey report over the break but that shouldn't be so bad.

My last 2 projects were a bit crazy, well one of them was. I had to write a graphics program using a shader (read programming the graphics card) to do fancy stuff. Here are some pictures!

The graphical effects I added were Dynamic Lighting, Soft Shadows and Anti Aliasing. The project is a jeep (with siren lights) going around the city with a spot light (from the helicopter) following. Took a tonne of work and theres alot of improvements I could do but its the best I could do given my deadline :)

Good news from the Nicole front, well news in progress. Interviewing with MS, 1 inperson interview (failed), 1 phone (passed) and another three hour interview (TBD). Unfortunately Nicole gets super stressed and nervous during interviews but things seemed to be going well from my perspective.

Gaming wise, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is great fun, especially multi player. Same with GH3! (WTB extra Guitar). The Wii has the ability to recreate the light gun / shooter games with 100% accuracy. Its great and I'm having a blast.

Coming back to Calgary on Saturday to a no internet parents place :(
Posts will probably be lacking but I'll be relaxing! I plan on playing thru Mario Galaxy, RE4: Wii edition and maybe finish paper mario.

Anyway, for all you Calgary folk who actually read this, send me your phone numbers (again). I've probably them again.

- Mike Out

PS: Flames beat Lightning 9-6.. thats a crazy score. Hat tricks from Iggy and Juice. Yeesh

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Digipen Week 13 and a half

Oops, Late Post!
Last week of classes so STRESS++; Actually more like while(1){STRESS++;} for you programming literate people.

First Playable submitted, I hope to have some sort of executable I can distribute in the next week or so. Group member is suppose to put it somewhere. We got shooting moving, particles, levels. All of which need polish and more stuff but it works.

Had an Inverse Kinematics assignment due last week, its cool and funny. My guy was a pseudo gumbi!. Scored over 100, I put waaay to much time in to it when I should've started my big big final project (which I've barely touched even now). But its due during Finals week (Yay no finals for me!)

My other stuff that is due is a physics simulation of a cube made of springs! Kinda like a Jello Simulation. Hilarious and amusing. I wanted to tweak and add more to it cause its fun but I dont have time and I dont need the extra grade points from that class (I'm over 100 going in to the final assignment, I could get a 60 and still score a A).

So gaming and stuff.
We had a Nintendo store trip, I went to town. But not all of it was for me! Actually alot of it wasn't, its my One Stop Shop for Christmas Presents!

I picked up The new Wii Zapper (Comes with Links CrossBow Training) along with Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles. The zapper itself sorta sucks, but the games are totally fun even if you play them StarTrek Phazor style with the Wii motes. I picked up Ghost Squad (at the store) today as another zapper game. Going to be alot of Fun During the Christmas Break!

Oh right speaking of that. Nicole and I have secured our flight details.
We're coming back on Saturday December 15 and staying until January 6th. Thats 3 weeks in Calgary. It'll be a good break, I've been grinding at school for the last month++; and its been a long and grueling path, but its almost over. Actually after this semester I only have 3 classes left.. gotta start that job search ><

- Mike Out

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Digipen Week 12 - Stress Rising Still?!?

Alright, week in review...

So Stressed, even if it was Thanksgiving week.
Wednesday I had to give a 1hr and a half lecture in my advance Rendering class. I talked about AntiAliasing and signal processing. Only one other guy (masters and undergrads combined) had ever done any Digital Signal Processing (DSP) class. Thank goodness for UofC... I had a decent background so I wasn't too clueless when I presented. I was complimented by my Prof, but I couldn't tell if it was the obligated version or sincere heh.. oh well thats done with (The presentation was worth 40% of my grade... so yeah Pressure, Stress, etc..)

Thursday was thanksgiving (USA) and James and Ricardo were hosting. They live in house with Greg (who was away to visit family and he works at Valve). Played alot of Guitar Hero and some word guessing game thing. I forgot the name but you basically have to get your team to say the phrase on the card without saying the word or such. It was fun with the big group we had. Around 10 people? people were a bit in and out.

Due for this week was Animation assignment #3 and a report. The report will likely get pushed back till next week since my prof hasnt been the most helpful. Animation assignment was Inverse Kinematics. Which is trying to get my character to reach out to arbitrary points in space in a realistic fashion. Alot of 3D math, dealing with constraints, joints and all that. Just imagine yourself reach out to grab an apple and all the things that move and how your moving hand "pulls" the rest of your arm almost automatically. Now think of all that math thats involved. I mean not only do you have to prevent contortion, but you want things to move smoothly. I got it done on time, I think the assignment is well done. Another guy submitted his and several others are in the lab as I type this trying to get it done. A few guys have given up and are gonna take the late penalty. The late penalty is pretty lax but I'm not one to hand things in late.

For the year I have 2 more projects, Game (which has been a standstill for nearly 3 weeks now :/ ) and 3 Reports. All needs to be completed in about 2 weeks time... Oh boy

Heroes was awesome this week, unfortunately the writers strike is gonna cut it short :(
On the gaming front not much of an update. Not enough time to play much... Well Nicole is playing a lot of Pokemon >.<

- Mike Out

Monday, November 19, 2007

Digipen Week 11

Ahoy hoy

This week had Elaine, Jack and Desmond come for a visit. All squished in to my tiny little condo.

So lets outline everything we did!

They arrived bright and early and we just take the night nice and simple. We had the worst Sushi take out experience. We get to the Suishi place across the street and it seems pretty packed. So instead we decide to do take out. We make our order and we think that it should be pretty fast since all the sushi is on a conveyor belt. We were so wrong... 25 minutes later we get half our order uhh.... another 15 minutes for them to correct it and yeah... /facepalm.

Veterans day! aka Holiday! aka Shop till we drop day!
We hit the Seattle Premium Outlets nice and early, and well we weren't the only ones. The place is fairly packed but we manage sorta... Stroller + rain + packed stores == bad. The good news is that the rain cover thing on the stroller dampens baby crying pretty good >.>
I got my self some new shoes. Desmond got 3 pairs of Puma shoes! Elaine went nuts and bought who knows how much stuff. Our trip was like 8 hours or so before we headed back home.

Now after the outlets we headed to Alvin's for Dinner. This month is Dine in Seattle so a bunch of fine dinning establishments have a special going on, for $30 bucks you get an appetizer, main entree and dessert. We went to the 3rd floor fish cafe. So yummy, but a bit expensive >.> I mean if I had money to burn it would've been great but well whatever, it was good. I had a good time with everyone so I'll just leave it as a good memory :)

The day started with school and ended with Guitar Hero 3! Jack (and well Elaine Technically) got me a copy for my birthday. Jack got himself a copy as well as we rocked out! So fun. Alvin came over for dinner, which was just a combination of takeout of Sushi and Panda Express

So I got sick, Elaine too. Just had a night in to play GH3 and watch some TV. Pizza for dinner from Papa Johns.

My Birthday! Weeeeeee.
We decided to go to dinner at 5:30 at the Cheese Cake Factory. Apparently traffic decided to take a HUGE crappier and it took us an hour to get to the Restaurant when it should normally take 20 tops. Well dinner itself was good, good company. Some friends from school in addition to the visitors :)
Jack bought me some drinks and then after dinner my friends and I went to a bar. They bought me drinks and well thats pretty much it for me. I don't handle my Alcohol very well and yeah... I think you can put 1+1 together :)

I was sick some more, Nicole getting sick too :(
Had Dinner at Alvins. Really good fish, chicken and scallops. Good stuff.

Dim Sum with Alvin. It was good, I haven't had DimSum in a while which made it better. Sometimes you have cravings and don't even realize it! Well it hit the spot. Elaine and Jack bought so much stuff that it was actually difficult loading it all back in my Car for there flight out. At the airport there big bag was over the 50lb limit so they had to take out a blanket which I'll be returning to them next month when we go up to visit.

Summary of all things of the week
Desmond is sooo cute (and fat) and a pooper. During the trip Jack thought of an idea of a "blow out buddy" to help prevent certain craptastic incidents. Desmond is LOUD, and he cries at all sorts of hours in the night. He also goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7am so my sleeping schedule had to be adjusted.
Desmond also gets "mezmorized" while watching us play Guitar Hero. I find it so amusing.

And now I shall leave you with some pictures :)

- Mike Out

Monday, November 12, 2007

Digipen Week 9 and 10

oops forgot about week 9
Was having too much fun since my precious returned to me! >.>

Seriously, I've just been really busy. School, Nicole and Baby coming down next week! I've been working my ass off trying to "get ahead" of some classes so that when people started coming down I'd have time to spend with them...

... Unfortunately that hasn't worked out so well and yeah, busy busy
My Sister, her Husband and Baby Desmond came in to town yesterday morning. Desmond is sooo cute (and chubby). 21lbs at 6 months, yikes! Cute baby, crying at 4am not so cute.

I picked up Super Mario Galaxy last Wednesday from the good ol' Nintendo corporate store. Its pretty fun, I really like the whole spherical platforms thing and how the missions / levels are laid out. Wish I had more time to sink in to it. The coop feature is really neat, gives Nicole something to do while I play :D

As for my Game; progression has come to a near stand still as I gotta work out some kinks in my group :/ I don't look forward to it but thats my job as the PM
*sigh* * cry* *sniffle*

So this week I gotta complete a hour and a half presentation on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (crap I nearly wrote DPS there). Presentation is next week but I gotta submit the presentation for review this week. My presentation is gonna put people to sleep! Oh well, not like I've been awake for all the other presentations thus far ><

Alright, enough ranting for now
- Mike out

Monday, October 29, 2007

Digipen Fall '07 - Week 8

Not too much happening this past week.

I got sick on Wednesday or so but not bed struck sick. Started feeling better on Saturday and I seem all the better right now. A bit tired but I think thats par for the course.

It's gotten colder out here, the sun is starting to become rare. Things are wet but not always raining. I should turn on the heat some time but a sweater and a computer keep me warm at night :)

Life is a grind, so School is a grind and thats the way things continue.
Well on Saturday and Sunday I was so anti school work I just cleaned my place up. I did such a thorough job things seem a bit weird... Well thats a good thing for Nicole's return and my relatives who are showing up in two weeks. The main bathroom was pretty gross but now you can't tell!

And thats all the value I've managed to ring out for this post
- Mike Out (1 week to go!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Digipen week 7

Well that last week was a blurr... and not in a good way >.>

I feel so lost when I go to school right now, so much to do and I never seem to beable to reduce the amount of stuff I have to do :/
I will survive! or something like that but its just a grind at the moment. On the upside our game is progressing and we have cool things happening. Well not really I mean we got a character that can move around, shoot, walls, enemy turrets and some particles. Some crappy destroyable boxes and yeah...

None school related news... I got to play Smash Brothers Brawl!!!
Its a game I've been anticipating for waaay too long and I got a chance to play a demo 4 months before the games release. It was fun, it was epic, I want more! I was originally thinking about writing up some sort of review / synopsis of my impressions of the demo but I decided against it. I'm a huge fanboy but not that huge (okay okay I'm just lazy) also its just a demo. The game (unfortunately) is still 4 months away.

Two weeks go to,
- Mike Out

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's on TV tonight?

Due to the lack of anything exciting happening, I thought I'd share what TV shows I am following (or was following since the season is over now).
  • Blood Ties
  • Chuck
  • Doctor Who
  • Heroes
  • Kyle XY
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Smallville
  • Torchwood

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 6 - Animation FTL

Alright so another hectic and crazy for me, mostly due to school of course.

So school stuff... We had our animation assignment due. Lots of guys were rushing to get things done before the deadline, I had started early but I think I probably spent more time then everyone else on the stupid assignment. I kept getting stuck in places, spending hours to figure out what to do and when others got there I'd tell them how to get over the hurdle. Oh well, that is life and helping people is good. The amount of time spent on that assignment was ridiculous and I hope the next assignments are easier.. well less time consuming anyway. Hard is fine, time sinks are not.

Finally had some time at the end of the week to get back working on the game. Feels alot better to be working on GAM then anything else really. We now have a moving character that spins around and shoots! The shooting can also destroy some crappy boxes we have in place. Weeee!!

On Monday I had a phone interview with MS. It was there generic screening call so no big deal there. Unfortunately my Cable died that afternoon and was down the whole day. MS normally likes to use Live Meeting, a internet white board for there interviews. Much easier for coding questions and the like. Because my net was down I had to program over the phone, that sucked but whatever. I did fine. I got an email on Thursday saying I was in there database and they were sizing me up for a couple positions. Its wait and see now :)

Many good things for me in the gaming world, well not all good but big news
1) Portal launched, its a First Person Puzzle game for Half-Life 2. It was created by a team of former DigiPen students who now work at Valve. My game last year, OmniFall, was loosely based on there idea of making a first person puzzle game. Portal is a great game. Its only 4 hours long in the main story mode but offers a challenges and some advance maps if you wanna do more. Great game. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

2) The next thing was Sonic The Hedgehog confirmed for Smash Brothers Brawl! woot. Not really too shocked that hes in the game, but the official announcement was cool. I watched the trailer like 10 times >.>

3) The next announcement was Smash is being delayed until Feb 10th :(

In non game related news, Suresh and his Roommates held another party. Lots of people, lots of fun. A couple guys who worked on Portal were there... I couldn't praise them enough about it. Prior to the party there was a dinner for a smaller group of people, when I arrived they had just bought some more furniture and we spent some time assembling it all lol.

Lastly, Flames won 2 road games! Thats crazy considering the teams they played against. Also 7-4 victory... 7 goals from the flames? thats unheard of... Good times

Alright, back to school work >.>
- Mike Out

Monday, October 08, 2007

Digipen Fall 07 Week 5

Anyone out there?

Well if not, I'll just use this as my own personal diary type thing, remember whats happening, something to look back on or something something..

So last week was more school work, but sorta... Had like a "big" meeting with my Game team and we we're trying to get organized and stuff, but I don't know how well it'll work. I'm starting to see a real (s)lack of participation from one of my group mates. It's too early to really say anything but the outlook isnt so promising.

Got to watch 2 Flames games on CBC! Too bad the Flames lost them both :( Lossing with 4.3 seconds to go in OT really sucks :/

As for school I'm treading along this Animation assignment we have. Its taking an animation / model file (.x) which is read by DirectX and it does its thing. However we have to manually read the file and play the animations using good ol 3D math. We're arn't allowed to just have DirectX play it for us. I'm moving along fairly well in my assignment, but my class mates arnt...
I forsee me getting swamped with questions and requests for help *sigh*

I finished up Zelda:Phantom Hourglass and I'd have to say its an awesome game. Touch screen controls took a bit to get use to, but after that I was hooked and just couldn't let the game go. So much fun :)

Anyway, I've been keeping these updates semi regularly and I hope it continues. Next month Nicole returns yay! and Elaine, Jack and Desmond (my baby nephew) are coming to visit. So its gonna be crowded in my little place.

Bye for now
- Mike Out

Monday, October 01, 2007

Week4 Fall 07

Lots of stuff this week!

School wise
- 1 Presentation on the Games Industry
- 1 Paper on Software Engineering in Games (which got pushed until Monday)
- Game Design Doc Submission
- Project Proposal for a Rendered scene using advanced graphics algorithms

- Heroes Seasons 2!
- Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
- Interview at MS
- Ramen Noodles for nearly a week straight

Yeah I'm an engineer and love them lists...
Hopefully my eating habits will be better this week even though it'll still be fairly busy. Gotta work on the Technical Design Document for the game (I'll be doing less on that then the GDD) and gotta get my Physics system up to speed on game as well.

Gotta get a good push in to my animation assignment, which is animating through code, a directX model. School is all about the busy busy...

Yeah so that interview point was pretty sudden. Alvin (friend who works at MS, who I met thru Jack my brother in law) decided to mail off my resume to a bunch of job postings internal to MS cause there referral program hadn't done a thing with my resume. I got an email Wednesday night from this guy and we ended up having a impromptu face to face meeting on Friday. I like to call it the best interview for a job I'll won't be getting. Generally I fit alot with what he was looking for, except he wanted to a hire the someone last month full time. I don't really meet that critical requirement...

This week is the start of the NHL regular season, I get 2 Flames games on CBC yay!

- Mike

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Better Late then Never! DigiPen week 3 Fall 2007

*Begs for Forgiveness*

Okay, so my last real post was waaay back at the beginning of summer and I never did follow up on GDC >.>

Heres the quick recap...
- GDC was awesome,
- Summer was great.
- My new Nephew, Desmond Ho, is the biggest baby I've seen, but he sure is cute!
- I went to PAX and my friend Ricky came down to visit. Placed top 16 in the (unorganized) smash tournament of 256.
- Schools started in high gear. Looking to be brutal
- I'm in a new team of 4 with Derek, Suresh and Clayton. We're making a overhead shooter using XNA and the Xbox 360 controller. Similar style to Smash TV with some Stop and Pop action from Gears of War.

So summer was fairly busy and trying to be keen I started working on this year's game project near the beginning of August. Nicole's still in Calgary so having to fend for myself is ummm different (I miss her sooo much). DigiPen announced that they are now offering a Course Based Master's Program. It was sorta expected, but people have already invested alot of time in to Thesis (I only invested a few weeks in the summer). I'm currently just doing research which can be used as credit in either direction. We'll see how that goes.

Next week I have like 4 assignments due.. 1 Presentation, 1 Report a project proposal and a game design document (which is mostly done since my team worked on it during the summer). What fun!

Gaming has been par for the course as far as I'm concerned. Metroid Prime 3 is the best Wii shooter ever. Controls are top notch and I was hooked and burned through that title pretty fast >.> Zelda: Phantom hourglass (DS) comes out Oct1, and TF2 was recently released so those are my next games to play. Mario Galaxy comes out just before my Birthday and Smash Bros Brawl at the beginning of December.

All these games and theres still far more I want to play on the xbox360... Great time to be a gamer, terrible time to be a student gamer >.<

With school back and me on a set schedule I'll hopefully beable to update this with a weekly frequency.

- Mike Out

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I don't know what they all are, maybe ants, but they're everywhere right now! One landed on my head and freaked me out.

PS. Bug Mike to post about PAX so you're not stuck with my boring posts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The world of cubicals

Ah, the cubical office world... where people will instant message you instead of walking a few feet to talk to you.

Oh well, I admit I'm guilty of doing this too.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishy! <><

Today we went to the Seattle Aquarium. After driving around and around, we found parking in some expensive parkade on the 9th floor. Here's the view from over by the elevators.

So a short walk from here was the aquarium, and I have some blurry/dark pictures to share from the trip. The aquarium started out with various marine mammals such as otters & seals; unfortunately I couldn't get very good pictures of any of them through the glass. We watched this video on killer whales that was absolutely terrible. The narrator sounded completely bored out of his mind!

Next there was this room that was sort of like an underwater cave where there were fish all around.

There were these tanks with these little tiny tiny sharks and tiny tiny skates. They were soooo cool, but the tanks were too dark so I couldn't get any pictures that even remotely turned out.

This was the ceiling on the way to an explanation about salmon hatcheries.

Here is everything you wanted to know about hatchery spawning techniques...

So there were some sea birds afterwards, but they're kinda boring and I didn't get any pictures of them. Moving on to the next building there were some weird freaky looking fish.

In conclusion, jellyfish are cool.

There was an area where you could touch some starfish, but I was too chicken to try that out.

Monday, April 30, 2007

School's Over! Back to Calgary to Visit

Alright so my posting is really out of date and I apologize for that but nothing you can do about it when school is super busy and you’re too lazy to take 20 minutes of your day to make a post :)

So I promise to make a GDC update soon (Which again was really awesome) but it wont be here.

We’re going back to Calgary at the end of this week, May 5th, and returning May 22nd. We're of course back to visit friends and family and my sister is due to give birth really soon. So that should be for some exciting times.

Flames we're out of the first round of the play offs and that made me a sad panda (When I could finally watch some games on CBC) but oh well, that’s the way things go.

I'll hopefully have a link for my game soon. It was "completed" a couple of weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my prof to but the install file up on the DigiPen website. I have a copy myself but we're not suppose to distribute it on the web (It is DigiPen’s copyright :/ ) but I'll have a copy for when we visit Calgary.

And that is all for now
- Mike Out

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm alive, dont worry!

Hey everyone (is anyone out there still?)

School's super busy right now so I dont have time to formulate my GDC experience. We'll just say it was awesome awesome and I'll post more later!

My games also super awesome but only 4 weeks left before its due >.>

- Mike

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GDC - Off to San Francisco!

Alright so heres the first post of a few regarding my advetures at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). GDC is exactly what it sounds like, generally a whole lot of sessions / tutorials about all things related to game development. Ranging for basic game design philosophy to the newest advancements in hardware and software.

So heres my situation, back in November GDC was open to volenteer spots. Many of us (Digipen Master's students) dropped in an application to be a CA (Conference Assistant). When all was said and done, 6 of the 8 people that applied for volenteer positions got them, me NOT being one of them :(

So theres 10 of us going to GDC, we decided to cut costs and drive down. 10 people, 2 cars... oh boy... Fortunetly one of the drivers (well guy donating a car) ended up borrowing his parents mini van. So for those of us in the mini van, it wasnt as bad :)

We left Saturday evening at 10pm to drive all night and arrive in San Francisco sunday afternoon. CA's had an orientation on sunday that they was required for them to attend. The drive itself was (fortunetly) pretty boring with nothing really note worthy. There was alot of fog, but we were driving in the night near the coast some what so that was expected.

We arrive in San Francisco around noon sunday in to our cheapy hotel. The original plan was to stick 5 people per room... which was a bit ridiculous to begin with, but all in the name to save on cost.. However that (fortunetly) didnt last and we ended up sharing rooms 2 per. Well that turned out to be a really good thing as the rooms were tiny as hell, extremtly minimalist. We stayed at the Bridgebay Inn and for the cost we couldnt really complain. Turned out to be like $70 a night per room, so $35 per person each night which is really damn cheap. The place wasnt really dirty either, just small rooms in a shadeir bit of town.

So back to my story, on Sunday we checked in and started wondering around the city. First we found Miscone center, where the conference was being held which was only 3 or 4 blocks away. Just 2 blocks away from our hotel and things got less shady a bit weird really :)

We wondered around union square and got some food then headed back to the hotel. The CA meeting was at 6pm so most people decided to take naps and such... considering we drove through the night it wasnt so surprising a move. Strangly I didnt nap, even though I only slept 1 hour during the whole car ride (and it wasnt when I was driving :P)

So 5:30 rolls around and the CA's start heading to Miscone. I decide to join them since I had nothing better to do. The other three guys were still sleeping. One of my intentions of joining was really to try to snag a CA spot some how, another was to grab some free food since the orientation included dinner :D

So I get there and start asking around to who I could talk to about getting a CA position. I meet the head of the CA thing, Ian, and introduced myself... basically my 30 second speech that I would later do in GDC's career pavillion. He tells me that I should stick around for the orientation and come to the CA meeting room tomorrow morning when people check in to see if any openings become available. He also tells me not to eat since food was only allocated to CA's :(

So I stick around and watch people eat (*cry*) and my buddies even offer me food or tell me to get food anyway. I decide to avoid that incase Ian saw me wandering around and pwn any chances I had of getting to be a CA. While after a bit Ian does a quick check around the room to see how many non-CA's were present, there was 4 of us and we were now allowed to eat. Just to note there was approximatly 350 CA's at this years GDC.

The orientation followed the food and it was boring as hell, alot of being common sense really... being nice, ask the next people in the chain of command for help when your in trouble, show up on time, doing a head count means that, putting "FULL" is use less. Greet the speaker and remind them of things like to turn off cell phones and give them time indication if they are running a bit long... blah blah. It was boring and two of the guys admitted to dozing off during the orientation / presentaion (not that I blame them since the whole power drive thing on top of it).

Next post will be on day 1 of GDC, I hope to get this all written down before I forget!

Stay tuned
- Mike

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Digipen Week 7

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to GDC I go.

More school, more deadlines, blah blah, but now its spring break!
Digipen's annual spring break deliberatly coincides with GDC (Game Developers Conference). A bunch of us are heading down via road trip!

In foresight, its gonna suck ass, 5 people per car and per hotel room >.>
We're all so cheap...
I only bought an expo pass since I just wanted to see how things are, next year I'll likely get a more expensive pass to let me in to more of the seminars and stuff.

I'll hopefully have an exciting post next week, so stay tuned

- Mike out

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Digipen Week5 and 6

Hello hello

Not much happened last last week so didnt really bother making a blog post. But a couple things happened this week so heres the post!

First off, I got sick :(
Really bad sore throat, cold thing. Generally I sounded more terrible then I actually was. This started on Tuesday and has continued on till today. I was at my worse on wednesday / thursday so I am getting better now. Thus far Nicole has managed to avoid it.

On friday was Digipen's annual Career day. A bunch of companies come to the school, give brief presentations and then go look at student displays. The student displays are from those that are graduating this year so nothing from me. It was just people showcasing there games.

It was pretty neat. The presentations themselves ranged from neat to meh, with each company emphasising to put down your from Digipen on any applications you fill out. Digipen does have a strong reputation so it would be good to put that down. Some companies had a full blown presentation with power point and videos. A couple others just had some representative say a few things and answer questions.

In other news, my game progress has been slow as of late. I blame it on my sickness, of course I would. I managed to get in the gravity gun, which is really neat. I can pick up and toss things around from afar :D

And lastly, Happy Chinese New Year! - Year of the Pig (Which is me!)

- Mike out

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Digipen Week4

Hello everyone

Lets see here... School is totally flooring me now :(
Physics is confusing and Numerical analysis makes absolutly no sense. Stress levels rising and we just finished the first month! Yeah I've been a bit of a grouch because of this but oh well...

As for my game, its looking pretty good. We managed to put in a basic menu system and lots and lots of particles. We can even tie the particles to any object in the game, so we have particles spewing everywhere. It looks pretty spiffy.

In other news, picked up a HD antannae. Lost and Hero's look awesome :D No HD hockey thou :(
Speaking of Hockey, I went to a minor (WHL) game last saturday. It was a pretty good game. Close all the way until the open net goal by the visiting team. What made it funny was that the two teams, Seattle and Portland are at the bottom of the standings, but that really doesnt matter.

I went with some of the other Master's students (the real master's students, not my pre-masters crap). They were going since it was someones B-day and hes a major Hockey Fan of the NYR.

That about does it for this posting
- Mike Out

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digipen Week 2 + 3

Gah I forgot to update

This fact has nothing to do with the World of Warcraft:Burning Crusade coming out >.>

In school news, the semester has picked up fairly quickly. I'm taking some weird Numerical analysis of fluid dynamics course... Had to take a math course and all the other Master's students thought it would be decent compared to the rest... turns out its just bloody confusing.

Physics is alright, mostly just a "in-depth" review of newtonian physics for now.

Advance graphics is just more of last year, well new stuff but same teach same pacing so nothing new there.

As for me magical game that I'm suppose to create, its coming along fairly well. I think i've nailed down the physics engine as much as I'd like. Now its time to program in the fun game content stuff... like gravity beems, and bizzaro level designs.

Right now we have particle effects (really neat) , sound, basic menus and some other back end stuff that I won't bore you with. But its coming together very well.

Non digipen related, umm...... things are fine. Oh Nicole had a phone interview with Microsoft but I'll just leave it at that.

- Mike Out
PS: Go Flames, reunited with Conroy

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bowl x Gravity + toe = pain

This equation brought to you by household accidents 101.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Digipen Spring 2007 - Week 0.5

We're back and schools started again!.... sorta...

It snowed (again) Wednesday night so I had no classes on Thursday and Friday.
One is a holiday in the states (Martin Luther King Day) so no classes on Monday too. Five day week for me, woo!.

I must say its fairly ridiculous how the City just shuts down when it snows but that’s all there is to it. Its been snowing consistently each night, so maybe threes not gonna be school on Tuesday too, who knows.

As for life in Seattle, not much to report. Nicole and I had planned on going to the Science center to go see the Dead Sea Scroll's exhibit, but there were all sold out *cry*. So ever since our return home, we've just been lazing around. We went to the outlet and checked out another mall but nothing notable happened there.

Trip back home was great, but also very very hectic. Not enough time to relax and hang out with everyone which was a shame :( I will note that my sister is very very pregnant.

- Mike out