Saturday, December 09, 2006

Digipen Week 13 and 14

I apologize for the lack of update (not really) but schools been keeping me rather busy (The uncontrollable reason).

This week was finishing off all the projects for the semester, most importantly my game! I'll try to get it dumped somewhere on the web shortly but for now lets just say its pretty good considering all the termoil that went during its development.

Brief Synopsis
Name: OmniFall
Genre: 3D Puzzle / Action (1st Person)
Status: Main Game Engine Only

So what we have is a basically a giant cubical room (200 cubic meters). With a bunch of colored blocks in it. There are three colors of blocks (green, red and blue) all with different gravity properties.

Green: Same Gravity as the player
Blue: Opposite Gravity as the player
Red / Gray: There own Gravity Color (In the actual game players can change what direction Red blocks go by touching them)

So what you can do with our engine is walk around, change gravity, float around and watch the blocks move / bounce / collide.

As mentioned there's no real game yet. The idea is what each level will feature puzzles that require gravity manipulation to solve. Pretty straight forward I'd say :)

11 more days until back to Calgary.

I'll hopefully update this soon

- Mike

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