Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snowness in Seattle

I apoligize for the terrible title (Not really) but instead of Snowness it should really be Frozen Hell. So it Snow's on Monday afternoon, no big deal right? Except it seems like this City is now in a state of emergency or something.

First of all theres alot of moisture here being a coastal city, nothing new. But when it snows.. its really snowing slush. Combine that with -4 degree weather and its insta ICE when it hits the ground. Compound this fact with NO SANDERS and really stupid drivers and you have a recipe for great fun! When I say stupid drivers I really mean it... a significant amount of people think its smart to Spin your tires... yeesh.

So because of this School was canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope its not canceled again. While snow days use to be nice... they arent so nice when its near the end of semester and dead lines and breathing down your neck.

Let me repeat... no Sanders and Instant Ice == BAD.
On Monday night when I returned from school (longest drive ever...) I wasnt able to get up over the tiny hill that leads in to my condo complex. I wasn't the only one however, 4 cars were parked on our Hill be the end of the night.

Wii what fun... speaking of which... I've been playing it tooo much ><

- Mike out


  1. Just to compare: It's -30 in Calgary (-40 with the windchill). AND no snow days :( EYL

  2. I aggree with anonymous...


    Snowness in Seattle?
    How about:
    White Washington
    Wintery Washington

    Help me out here people..

  3. I was going for a (bad) Sleepless in Seattle wording :P

    Annonymous is my sister (EYL)... who needs to register an account.

  4. Snowness in updates I'd say...