Monday, October 30, 2006

Digipen Week 8

What a fun week it was to be had... not
3 Midterms and a physics engine in one fell swoop!

Well the midterms went okay, and the physics engine went pretty good to. We can detect when boxes collide with other boxes and walls in which they promptly stop after wards... all in code. So what you actually see is a bunch of numbers on screen and some messages but its happening inside the computer I swear!

Redmond's started to get cold and basically most tree's have just dumped their leaves on to the road / ground. No pretty scenery or pictures :(

My Precious 40" TV is busted >< After its been on for an hour pixels start flipping to green for no apparent reason. I called LG repair center and they are sending a guy to take it away for a week. Warrenty is covered but no games in the mean time and FFXII comes out this week! (Not like I have time to play through a game like Final Fantasty but that isnt the point)

In other news, why arent the Calgary Flames winning any hockey games... I can only listen on NHL radio but its still sad to hear them lossing so much, bah.

3 weeks till Wii launch!

- Mike Out

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