Monday, October 16, 2006

Digipen Week 6

This week saw the creation of a Technical Design Document. Its not due until Wednesday of next week but since we have so much crap to finish worked on it as much as possible. Ours is about 50 pages. Could easily be more if we had time

Math is terrible, huge ass assignment that everyone was stressing over. And I really mean people are stressing over it. Math is really gonna be an issue if the work load doesnt slow down soon.

Other 2 classes were uneventful.

As for life in Redmond... Umm its cloudy! There was a brief 2 or 3 days when leaves started turning and looked all pretty like. But then the rain and clouds came and tress just dump there none green leaves. Hopefully things will clear up so we can take some nice pictures.

So one more month until the Wii launches! (and my Birthday too :D)

- Mike Out

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