Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Digipen Week 4

Last week was rather interesting in the non-interesting way...
This coming week we had like 5 or so assignments / projects due. So everyone in the Pre-Master's program was stressing to get everything done.

I didnt find it that bad myself. I just worked on the assignments as we got them and finished with extra time to spare, which didnt work out so well in the end. Why you ask? Simply because all my other group members were to busy doing the other individual HW they didnt have time to spend on finishing / polishing the Game Design Document. So I ended up putting far more time in to that then I wanted... I even had one of my group members call me at midnight to ask for help on the (Weekly) Math Assignment. I wasnt sleeping yet but it was just sorta odd. Now I shall continue rolling my eyes at these people who have apparently gotten Computer Science Degrees >.>

Well to be fair not my group is not all that bad but I guess I'll categorize them. To avoid naming names I'll just call em person A, B and C

Person A: Tries to stay ahead and puts in a good amount of time. Only issue is he gets fairly heated in discussions / debates that arent going his way, which are instigated by Person C.

Person B: Is enrolled in 1 extra class this semester which is programming. (The other 2 are ta
king that next semester). Seems to want to be just given tasks and doesnt step up in any regard. Seems to only do the minimum doesnt add alot of input in discussions.

Person C: Talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk. Wants all this stuff for our game and likes to play "devil's advocate" for no good reason (aka likes to debate for the sake of it). Has a different "startegy" for doing work that goes against everything I've learned in Engineering. Basically he'll spend hours and hours on one thing until its done before moving on. Now apply this to a group discussion and we've (IMO) wasted several hours talking about 1 subject cause he won't let the conversation move on. Doesn't have a clue about how the 80 / 20 rule works. Also doesnt really start Assignments until the due date gets fairly close. I fear hes going to burn himself out real fast and request certian aspects of the game be implemented that arent neccessary in the bigger picture, but will spend large amounts of time working on it.

Okay... so we can see how this is going, lets hope it doesnt actually go that way.

/end Rant
- Mike Out

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  1. Hmm.. no mention of me and WoW for this week...