Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome to My Humble Abode

So here's a really abbreviated version of events after day 2 of the move.

On August 25, we finally got keys to the condo at around 5:30pm. Appearently there was some mixup so then the realtor never got told that the place was finally ready. We were hoping to have the place early afternoon >_<. We moved our stuff inside, and did a few errands before turning in for the night. We spent the night allergic to the place. We assumed that the former owners had a pet or something because we ended up vacuuming a lot of hair. (Later on, we received a dog & cat magazine in the mail)

The next day we went to PAX; Mike placed 5th out of 100 in a tetris DS tournament. Gooooooo Mike! His sister arrived later in the day and we packed the rest of the stuff into our condo unit. The next few days were filled with shopping for furniture & food, buildng furniture, vaccuuming, and all that stuff. (Mike bought a ton of Banana Republic clothes... I think he owns more clothing than I do).

September 1st, we attended a Microsoft party for Windows Vista. Then we headed off to the welcome event for DigiPen. After that we went along Alki Beach and later headed off to the Crab Pot. This is a seafood place that has massive amounts of food, and they dump it all onto the table. Mike says "you grab a bib and start eating." Unfortunately somehow I became ill and had a fever. So while everyone ate at crabpot, I slept in the car.

Anyhow, on to the stuff you all wanted, here are the pictures (along with some cost information) for your viewing pleasure.

Here you can see the entrance to our place. There's really not much to note here I guess.

Floor Mat: ??
Shoe Rack: $18.99
Total: $18.99+

Living Room
This is ourliving room. As you can see, on the day I took this picture, we connected Mike's laptop to our snazzy TV. We were watching some episodes of Lost :D.

Couch: $499.99
Coffee Table: $29.99
Place Mat: $0.99
Television: $824.98m
Television Stand: $99.99
Floor Lamp: $14.99
Frame for poster: $24.99
Total: $1495.92

Dining Room
The table here can be used for eating. We can have up to 4 guests here! (we have folding chairs)

4x4 Shelf: $149.00
Shelf Boxes x3: 29.97
Table: $149.00
Placemat x4: $3.96
Chairs x4: $159.98
Total: $491.91

Yummy stuff to eat comes from here.

Garbage Can: $29.99
Canister Set: $29.99
Dish Rack: $12.99
Cutlery holders for dish rack x2: $7.98
Total: $80.95

This is the bathroom in the main hallway. I'm afraid I don't know how much the stuff cost in here since Elaine paid for it. (Thanks!)

This is where we spend our time on our computers. Mike took a lot of time trying to pick out that chair of his. I don't know how many stores we went to and chairs we sat on. He kept saying how much he misses his chair he left in Calgary.

Desks (one left, one right): $398.00
Chair Mats x2: $33.98
Desk Lamps x2: $33.98
Letter Tray: $9.99
Hanging Folders: $10.99
Mike's Chair: $169.99
Nicole's Chair: $119.99
Waste Basket: $3.99
Total: $780.91

Master Bedroom
This is where we sleep :)

Bed (plus delivery & tax): $686.66
Bed Sheets: $79.99
Duvet & shams: $39.99
Floor Lamp: $7.99
Pillows (4): $30.87
Dresser: $179.00
Bedside Tables x2: $99.98
Table Lamp x2: $39.98
Total: $1164.46

Master Bathroom

Bath Mat: $17.99
Bathroom Set: $15.99
Shower Rack: ??
Waste Basket: $1.99
Total: $35.97+

As you can tell, we have a very IKEA home. Something interesting to note is that the IKEA here is actually labelled as a tourist attraction on the signs on the interstate. Appearently, it's the only one in the northwest states. This IKEA had a MASSIVE parking lot, and is massive itself. I think if you just walked through the whole store at a normal shopping place it would probably take you an hour to get through it all. You can check it out on google maps. Go to sattelite view and I think it's the three buildings above where it has it marked; 2 are parking, 1 is the store. I guess we were spoiled having one right in Calgary.

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