Saturday, September 09, 2006

Week 1 - School's Started

Saturday Sept 10th - Week 1

School started this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... No Classes on Fridays!

So orientation consisted of a C++ exam for all "Pre-Masters" students... 10 failed 3 passed. I got 51.3%! woot. Since I passed I do not have to take there advanced C++ programming course (CS225) but I'm going to just sit in anyway.

During the first week of courses we had to take another C++ exam so the prof can "Balance" groups and by balance I mean stack. Generally they want everyone in a group to be similiarly skilled. They've had it in previous years were very skilled people were teamed up with others of not so good skill and the skilled people ended up doing all the work... (Hmm doesnt think sound familiar...)

So the courses I'm taking are a project course (Gam 240), Linear Algebra (Mat 290), Animation (GAT300) and Computer Graphics (CS241).

Linear algebra is like a hybrid of linear algebra and modeling. Basically learning all the math that goes behind curves and surfaces.

Animation is basically learning how to use 3D studio Max, which is pretty neat in itself

Graphics so far seems like graphics from the UofC. So learning how graphics work and all the jazz.

- Mike

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  1. Good to hear that you guys arrived with no problems. Sounds like quite a long trip actually. Hope your first week of school went well and I hope to hear more soon. Have fun guys!