Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ronald MacDonald rides a segway and other more recent news

On Saturday, Mike & I took a trip to Seattle. I have to say that the roads in the states can be a little crazy. As Mike put it, sometimes it looks like it's a roller coaster. I took a picture from the car which I think demonstrates how scary the roads can look sometimes.

Anyhow, the whole point of our trip was to visi the sci-fi museum and the space needle. We also wandered around the area a little bit to take a look around (after first driving around a bit to try and find some cheaper parking). This area seems to be where all the touristy attractions are located (sci-fi museum, experience music project, science center, space needle, seattle center, some small amusement park, etc.). It was during this wandering around that I spotted Ronald MacDonald riding a segway. Now that's something that you won't see in Calgary. Ignore the kids in the picture, they're just some people that were posing.

Now, the sci-fi museum shares a building with the Experience Music Project (something we'll have to go to another day. I have to say this is one of the weirdest buildings I've ever seen. According to wikipedia, someone out there thought it resembles a melted electric guitar... I fail to see the resemblance myself. Especially when looking at it from above; to me, it looked like a bunch of mismatched blobs, but then I've never been a connoisseur of architecture.

The museum itself contains some cool props and costumes from various science fiction movies and tv series, as well as showcases of some science fiction novels. There's also some stuff on the history of science and science fiction. It was kinda neat to see the stuff and I thought that my dad might enjoy going through the place. He's probably also read a lot of the books that they had there, I know I read a few of them. I'd post pictures of some of what was in the museum & hall of fame, but we weren't supposed to bring cameras in there. I snuck mine in anyhow because I didn't trust them with my camera, but I was good and didn't take any photos just like they requested.

Afterwards, we had a snack to fill our grumbling tummies, before we went up the space needle. Not really anything to note here other than I got fudge, and it was yummy.

So on to the space needle. This was pretty cool and offered some nice views... if it weren't foggy or smoggy or cloudy or whatever it was we would've been able to see the mountains. After getting off the elevator I spent the whole time feeling rather wobbly up there, it was a really weird sensation. Appearently there's a revolving restaurant right below the observation deck, something similar to what they have in the Calgary tower, I suppose.

I took a lot of pictures up at the top to make sure I got as many angles as I could.
The telescopes that they had up there were free too. I thought that was nice since they already charged you $14 to up the tower. At least they didn't try to milk you for every single cent by then charging you another 50 cents or so to look through a telescope for a minute.

So after that we went home, made dinner and all that jazz. I will conclude this post with another picture of Mike, with the space needle behind him. Where am I you ask? Why I'm behind the camera. (if you want more pictures, or higher resolution, you'll have to ask)

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