Monday, September 11, 2006

Moving - Part 2

So now I'll talk about day two of our moving trip (August 23, 2006).

02:00 - We were woken up by some rather rude people a bit before 2 in the morning. I don't know what they were doing but they went stomping and yelling through the hallways and down the stairs and out the building... and then we could still hear them outside for a bit. Then they seemed to quiet down, but just as I was about to fall asleep again they came back inside and the yelling and stomping started all over again. Luckily the noise stopped after a few minutes. I just hoped that the car and allour stuff was ok.
07:30 - The alarm went off since we were planning to get a nice early start, but Mike said he was too tired to wake up yet (must've been the rude awaking @ 2 am)
08:30 - We got up
09:15 - we checked out and packed our suitcases back into the car, which I might add was a-ok. None of our stuff appeared to be missing either.
09:26 - Got onto the i-90
09:34 - Post Falls
09:38 - We passed a truck that was filled with chickens. There were feathers flying everywhere!
09:44 - Spokane Valley... and some time or other we passed through Spokane too
10:32 - Albert's County
11:04 - Passed by exit 196 (wherever that leads to)
11:10 - Passed by a grass fire
11:11 - 189 miles left to Seattle
11:17 - Stopped at a Chevron for gas just before Moses Lake. We also had lunch at McDonald's. I ate a Fruit & Walnut salad (which I thought was pretty tasty, but maybe I was just hungry) and Mike had a snack wrap
11:55 - Driving on the i-90 again
11:57 - Drove by Moses Lake. There was a person on a bridge here that appeared to be fishing.
12:25 - We passed by a canyon. Mike dropped his sunglass clip around this time and spent the next while squinting while driving.
12:29 - Crossed the Columbia River.

12:40 - There was another grass fire by the interstate. We saw a lot of Fire trucks travelling in the opposite direction a bit after passing this. Presumably, they were going to put out the fire.
12:52 - Ellensburg
13:24 - Easton. Mike stopped to find his sunglass clip here. It was awfully bright out that day and I'm surprised he waited that long before stopping to find it.
13:31 - Entered Wanatchee National Forest
14:09 - Passed the turnoffs for Auburn & Tacoma
14:20 - Entered Bellevue
14:45 - We arrived at Alvin's (the place we stayed at until we got our own place) after getting a little lost first
16:00 - Mike's realtor came by with some forms for Mike to fill out
16:30ish - We navigated to Mike's bank branch using our trusty map
17:00ish - Tested out soe matresses at Sleep Country & Sears. Then we shared a Chicken Fajita for dinner at Red Robin
18:45 - We took a look at our furture place and explored the mall that resides across the street.
19:07 - Took a look around the Redmond Town Centre. This mall is just a few blocks away from our place. Here we got cell phones from T-Mobile. Afterwards we headed back to Alvin's place.

So before we went to sleep, we found a rather large spider wandering around the basement. Our conversation went something like this:

Mike: "Ewww, that's a huge spider"
Nicole: "Where? ... ooohh So kill it or something"
Mike: "With what???"
Nicole: "I dont' know, some toilet paper?"
Mike: "Toilet paper is too small!"

So in the end I got the toilet paper and squished it myself.

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