Monday, September 11, 2006

Moving - Part 1

On August 22, Mike & I left for the big move. Our original planned departure time was 8:00, but we didn't get to leave until around 10:40. Why the wait you ask? Well, we had to wait for the form that DigiPen sent overnight to arrive. So, until this happened we chilled at Mike's house.

The cops seemed to be out in full force on the roads that day. Along bow trail we almost had a disasterous start when a cop came out and... pulled over the guy that was behind us (don't speed in construction zones).

So here's a timeline of the first day of the trip

11:05 - Last stop before elaving the city
11:20 - Left the city limits.
11:44 - Passed through an odometer test strip and Mike's odometer is ok.
11:52 - Nanton
12:12 - Claresholm
12:20 - The radio signal starts getting too weak :(
12:35 - Fort Macleoad. We stopped for lunch here; amazingly, we couldn't find a Tim Horton's so we went to the subway for lunch. Before leaving we filled up at Petro Canada.

13:13 - Back on the highway. There's a lot of windmills in this area it seems.

13:51 - Lundbreck
13:59 - Municipality of Crowsnest
14:04 - The Frank Slide

14:20 - The Alberta-BC border
14:33ish - Sparwood
14:52 - Fernie. Here was the first Tim's we saw outside of Calgary
15:13 - Elko
15:22 - Galloway
15:23 - Jaffray
15:50 - Cranbrook. Stopped for a snack at Tim Horton's and a bathroom break here. There was a big stretch of construction happening along the main road,
16:27 - Back on the highway again.
16:41 - Moyie
16:54 - Switched time zones
16:03 - Yahk
16:15 - US border crossing. While it wasn't remarkably hard to cross, it did take quite a while for them to process us. We ended up with a trainee (which is fine, I approve of training people) who used the hunt'n'peck method to type on the keyboard. Everything he entered took sooooooooo long >_< Not only that, he had to use google in order to find the sevis website.
17:05 - Made it across the border
17:25 - Passed by a scenic overlook. I took some pictures, but none of them turned out.
17:27 - Two dead deer on the road :(
17:40 - Bonners Ferry
18:15 - Ponderay (estimated population 638)
18:17 - Stop for gas at a Conoco
18:26 - Sandpoint
19:03 - Passed by Silverwood theme park
19:30ish - Coeur d'Alene. Here we decided to stop for the night.
20:00ish - Checked into a Super 8 (room 353) not too far from the i-90, and went for dinner at a place called JB's.
22:00 - Brought our suit cases into the room and watched a little TV before going to sleep.

More to come later.

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