Sunday, September 24, 2006

Digipen Week 3

So this week we did our game pitch / presentation thingy. I didnt present my best since it was totally unreheared but it was good still. Prof had a couple remarks about our game being difficult to do. But I imagine that with the way we've outlined it, it'll be very easy to scale back items if things get rough.

The other classes are uh going... GFX (CS241) we got our first assignment due in 2 weeks... I finished it in 2 hours. It was made easy since the Prof gave us a frame work to start with and since I'm familiar with gfx and opengl.

Animation and modeling we finally got our first assignment and its to model a humvee / hummer when given a texture map. I'll post my crappy model when it gets done :)

Math is time consuming, nothing to report there...

Had 2 really good lecture things this week thou. First one was on Tuesday. It runs from 7pm to 8pm and is now a required thing to attend. It was a xbox game developer and this week he was talking about networking... really good lecture imo. Puts in to perspective the different type of decisions that are made when comparing game development to normal application software.

The other was something that happends once a month and has a game developer speak about whatever... This month had the developer of Supreme Commander, a new RTS game thats coming out. Talked about the evolving game development process and talked about how games use to be made and how they are made now. Was a very good listen.

Got involved in the Super Smash Bros Melee club at the school. They meet once a week on friday to play. People destroy me at it but its sooo much fun. I dont do to bad against most people, but the really good me beat me fairly easily.

As for Non Digipen News..
I want a Nintendo Wii, comes out Novemember 19th... seems so long away
- Mike out

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