Monday, September 18, 2006

Digipen Week 2

Hmmm whats there to report...

So I got my GAM240 group. Got in the "B" team oh the possible A, B and C groups.

Our group decided to make a 3D game based on the ability to manipulate the characters Local / Personal gravity. Its aimed to be a Puzzle action game. More on this later as details develop.

Animation is going a bit slow... only a little bit of formal teaching so far, still just getting familiar with the (horrible) 3D Studio Max interface.

Graphics is pretty lame at the moment... total review. I have the option of not having to take this course but then I need to find a course to replace it, else they kick me out of the country! (Student VISA requires so many credits per semester). Kinda late to find a replacement unfortunetly :( Atleast it'll be easy I guess.

Linear Algebra is pretty good so far but alot of work too. Weekly semi long assignments and a graphical, curve drawing project that spans many parts. We're to mathamatically generate a curve given input points and draw it to the screen using a variety of curve creation algorithms. We got a framework for the project from the TA, but its in C#. So I gotta learn a bit of that to figure it out. This stuff isnt really difficult, just time consuming but thats just the way it goes.

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